Patents Pending/In process: 2013-2014 – 4 patents filed/in process from Yahoo (cannot disclose)

Patents Pending/In process: in process (2011-2012) - 6 filed, 5 in process from Lab126 (cannot disclose)

US20110280439      Techniques for Person Detection. Issued Nov, 2011.

US20060190555      Techniques for Automatically Distinguishing Between Users of a Handheld Device. Issued Feb 18, 2010.

Filed/Issue Pending: Projected Display to Enhanced Computer Device Use. (Filed Dec 2009)

US 20060168550    System, Method and Apparatus for Creating and Managing Activities in a Collaborative Computing Environment. Issued July 27, 2006.

US20060190555    Wrapping of Non-Live Objects for Liveness, Issued Aug 2006.

US20060129569   System and Method for Partially Collapsing a Hierarchic Structure for Information Navigation, Issued June 16, 2006

US6798349            Passive microwave tag identification system. Issued Sept, 2004.

US6573916            Navigation of rendered virtual environments using physical tags.  Issued June, 2003.

US20030076343A1  Handedness detection for a physical manipulatory grammar.  Issued April 2003.
US6243074                                                                                                Issued June 2001.

US6542083            Electronic tag position detection using radio broadcast. Issued April 2003.

EP0986020A3              Information management system supporting multiple electronic tags. Issued Jan 2003.
US6176425                                                                                                Issued Jan 2001.
EP0986020A2                                                                                                Issued March 2000.

US6498601            Method and apparatus for selecting input modes on a palmtop computer. Issued Dec 2002.
EP1103883A3, EP1103883A2                                                                        Issued May 2001.

US6446208            User interface system based on sequentially read electronic tags. Issued October 2002.

EP1103824A3            Virtual control system using non-imaging scanners.  Issued Sept, 2002
EP1103824A2                                                                                    Issued May 2001.

US6422474            N-space indexing of digital data representations using physical tags. Issued July 2002.

US6342830            Controlled shielding of electronic tags. Issued Jan 2002.

US6340957            Dynamically relocatable tileable displays.  Issued Jan 2001.
EP0899651A3                                                                        Issued Feb 2000.
EP0899651A2                                                                        Issued March 1999.

US6340931            Network printer document interface using electronic tags. Issued Jan 2002
US6249226                                                                                    Issued June 2001.

US6326946            Operator icons for information collages. Issued December 2001.

US6317128            Graphical user interface with anti-interference outlines for enhanced variably transparent applications.  Issued Nov 2001.

US6297838            Spinning as a morpheme for a physical manipulatory grammar.  Issued Oct 2001.

US6297805            Multiple interacting computers interfaceable through a physical manipulatory grammar. Issued Oct 2001.

US6268857            Computer user interface using a physical manipulatory grammar. Issued July 2001 

US6243075            Graspable device manipulation for controlling a computer display. Issued June 2001.

EP1103914A1            Patterned retroreflective tags usable in laser scanning systems. Issued May 2001. 

US6160540            Zoomorphic computer user interface, Issued Dec 2000.
EP0929027A3                                                            Issued May 2000.
EP0929027A2                                                            Issued August 1999.

US6118427            Graphical user interface with optimal transparent thresholds for maximizing user performance and system efficiency.  Issued Sept 2000. 

EP0987622A2            Surface mounted information collage. Issued March 2000.
US6005482                                                                        Issued Dec 1999.

US6008727            Selectively enabled electronic tags.  Issued Dec 1999.

US5666499            Clickaround tool-based graphical interface with two cursors. (with T. Baudel, B. Buxton, G. Fitzmaurice, and R. Owen). Issued 1995. © Beverly Harrison 2012